Fix It: Damaged Curly Hair

Fix It: Damaged Curly Hair

The truth? Curls can be tough to manage. The slightest shift in weather or product use can send curls into a wild frenzy. The root of this often comes from damage inside the hair’s inner cortex.  

Where did the damage come from?

Curly hair gets damaged in the exact same way as straight hair through chemical services, thermal styling, and friction, but may take it harder than other hair patterns. 

Our Director of Education and Sales at K18 Jordan breaks it down like this, “Due to uneven keratinization in curly hair, it is also much more fragile. When working with curly hair in a salon or styling setting, proper judgement is the most important aspect and not pushing the hair too far while using the best products possible to help alleviate and mitigate damage is key.”

Our revolutionary K18Peptide ™ works on all hair types and all generations to repair hair damage from the inside out. Traveling deeper into hair’s inner layers, the peptide works to reconnect broken keratin chains, restoring hair’s core structure responsible for curl’s strength and elasticity. With this damage-healing treatment, curl patterns start to return leaving hair strong, soft, smooth, and full of bounce. 

“My curls have so much definition. It’s stronger, it has bounce, and it’s moving,” says Chermaine, K18 transformation model. 

“It really feels like it’s focusing on the protection and health of my hair,” says Kalysse, K18 transformation model.

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