What’s Your Damage? Bleaching Hair

What’s Your Damage? Bleaching Hair

We know what bleaching hair is. But do we really know much about the damage that comes with it? What does bleach do to your hair? 

Bleach is essentially a blank slate for your hair. Even the deepest brunette can achieve a platinum blonde look if they spend enough time in the chair with their colorist. But with this blank slate comes a slew of breakage, dryness, split ends, the works. And while hair might be left looking amazing, it often feels not so good. 

In order to understand why hair is left feeling less than silky smooth post-service, it’s important to first understand what bleach is doing to hair strands on a chemical level. 

The actual bleaching process is a chemical technique that strips hair of its color. The process starts with an alkaline agent that helps to open the hair cuticle. Then an oxidative agent is used to travel into the hair cortex and dissolve the color of your hair. Essentially, the agents used in bleach are able to dissolve the natural pigments in your hair, or melanin. Depending on the look you’re going for, the bleach has to dissolve various levels of the hair’s pigment. The longer the bleach is on your hair, the more color it will dissolve.

What should someone know before bleaching their hair?

We asked our Director of Education and Sales at K18 what everyone should know before committing to a bleaching service. Jordan says, “Even when being careful and using the best products possible, bleach can and will damage the hair. It’s important to go to an experienced stylist who can minimize this damage through the use of good judgement and K18.” 

“It’s also high maintenance! I cannot stress this enough. If you want to maintain platinum hair especially when looking at bleach and tones, you have to be ready and willing to visit your stylist every 4-6 weeks. If hair goes beyond that point, you run the risk of hot roots and also make it much more difficult for your stylist.”

The good news?

K18 was created for this exact reason. We wanted anyone to be able to achieve any hair color and do it in one appointment, without the crazy hair damage that typically comes with these kinds of services. Our patented K18Peptide ™ is clinically proven to reverse damage from bleaching, chemical services, and heat in just 4 minutes. 

With just one salon treatment hair is restored to 91% original strength and 94% original elasticity. 

“When we lighten hair and then use K18, it restores the hair so it has movement and life to it,” says Christine Thompson, Co-Owner of Spoke & Weal in Los Angeles.

The result is strong, smooth, bouncy hair that feels like new. The more damaged your hair, the more impressive the results. Bring on the bleach. Just don’t forget K18.

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