Repair Damaged Hair

Repair Damaged Hair

We are big believers that hair looking good does not necessarily translate into hair feeling good. And who wants hair that holds for a photo but is brittle or lifeless to the touch? 

The damage cycle is a real problem. So many of us are caught in the loop of bleach or chemical services, over-conditioning, styling, multiple products, wash, repeat. The reality is that hair damage is happening at every turn, even if you take a break from the salon, heat styling, over-shampooing, harsh bath towels or blow-drying all lead to tired, damaged hair. 

We invented something that changes all that. But first, we need to have a different conversation than the one we’ve been taught to have.

Hair damage can be healed but not in the way we’ve been told for years. When it comes to traditional products made with cosmetic chemistry and even bond builders that focus on top-layer hair repair, we are going about hair repair in all the wrong ways. True hair damage (and strength) lies much deeper in the hair, all the way in the inner most layer, with billions and billions of coil-looking things called keratin chains. When keratin chains break, hair’s core structure becomes compromised, losing its strength and elasticity. To get hair back to that like-new state, we have to repair those broken keratin chains—and no product on the market has been formulated to penetrate deep enough to reach them (until now.)

When you use a conditioner it sits on the top layer of hair, making hair look better but not getting to the root of the damage. When you use a bond repair product, it goes deeper than conditioning treatments but still stops short of reaching the keratin chains. Our patented K18Peptide ™ travels deeper than any product has been able to before, reaching and reconnecting those broken chains to restore hair’s strength, softness, smoothness, and bounce. 

“When we think of damage, we generally think of in-salon through chemical services. However a client may damage their hair at home just as badly if not worse through thermal styling including flat irons, curling irons and blow-dryers. Beyond that, we also have to look at mechanical damage through brushing. All of these types of damage cause it to varying degrees and K18 allows us to deal with all of them!”

We like to say: hair like new, no matter what you put it through, and we mean it. Whether you’re looking to change your hair color like you change your clothes or you just want the healthiest hair you’ve ever had, K18was made for you—and it only takes four minutes. 

“With K18, your hair feels soft, smooth, light, and strong,” says Christine Thompson, Co-Owner of Spoke & Weal in Los Angeles. 

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