A note on sustainability from K18 Co-Founder + CEO

A note on sustainability from K18 Co-Founder + CEO

Hello K18 World,   


It’s not often I get to speak directly to you, and I couldn’t be more excited about the reason I’m writing to all of you today. This is an amazing and important day for K18 as we take our first BIG step toward a more sustainable future. I am pleased to announce the launch of our partnership with Plastic Bank, an incredible organization dedicated to building ethical recycling ecosystems in coastal communities and reprocessing materials for reintroduction into the global supply chain. With their partnership, K18 products are now certified plastic neutral. 


A note on sustainability from K18 Co-Founder + CEO

But this is just the first step on our sustainability journey. And with sustainability being such a buzzword these days, I wanted to take a moment to explain how K18 will be tackling the battle for our planet in a way that feels authentic to us.   


We want to own the betterment of our planet through the lens of hair and biotechnology—two things that have been at our core from the very beginning.   


We lead our charge with the mantra of “less is more.”  


The current industry conversation drives over-consumption and waste with a narrative that encourages the need for multi-step routines and excess usage. The number of resources your hair consumes on a daily basis is not good for you, your hair, the planet, or your wallet. When you really think about it, one hair routine with up to 10 products is pretty heavy on resource consumption. Not to mention, if your hair is already damaged and weak, ample product use further stresses your hair making it needier and propelling the vicious cycle. We believe by developing products that understand the biology of your hair and focus on delivering optimal hair health, we can mitigate the need for “more". Simply, healthy hair needs less.   


As we step into this sustainability conversation, our mission remains the same: to liberate haircare and we believe by doing so we hope to also liberate our planet.   


- Suveen, K18 Co-founder + CEO 

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